Thursday, April 28, 2011

Addicted to Water Features

When we began our ponding adventures little did I know how far it would take us down the soggy trail of water features. Our first ponds were not the small little plastic tubby ones full of colorful KOI but real ponds connected by a winding creek that I wanted deep enough to be navigable by peddle boats or canoes.I wanted real fish,the kind the grandkids could fish and eat! It was a difficult year and a half of dirt moving but we so enjoy our beautiful pond paradise who could ever ask for more?
Whimsy being something I also wanted in the garden I began frequenting yard sales to add fun to the gardens. Milk cans, farm bells,blue bottles and old pumps. Oh yes wonderful old pumps.All these things hold beautiful memories to me. My husband promised that if I painted that old pump he would make a water feature for me, not that we needed more water on our two and a half acre property but I love to paint so he was on! The old pump it its fire engine red new paint and cool water  beckons to my grand children. The path to their special spot are stepping stones done in mosaic by each grand child. They reminisce of the work and love that went into them.
Another yard sale item was Pan. He was missing his musical instrument and was priced at ten dollars. We took him home for eight dollars and the past owners were happy to see him go. My husband fashioned new pipes for him from copper tubing.
Oh and then there is the fountain. It was from a house going into foreclosure. My husband bought it for fifty dollars , myself thinking it way to formal. I was really not happy that he then added a small pond around the fountain.
No more water features I pleaded,unless it is a pool!
After living with the fountain a shade I dubbed tombstone white I decided to calm it down by painting it. Ahhh yes much more serene!