Friday, March 18, 2011

Springing To Life In The Garden

Somehow I cannot stay indoors when spring in all her glory beckons me.
A cottage garden in Florida requires some creativity but as any garden you create that is what makes it YOURS!

Many Hollyhocks gave their lives to trial and error until I discovered Asian Hollyhocks which somehow withstand Florida's weather.

Amaryllis are so gorgeous,why can't they stay in bloom longerSometimes I give in to cheap no name roses but I plant them in pots full of yummy nematode free soil.
They are easy to keep control of and I love having a bouquet of roses to give to elderly or ailing relatives.Spring is a time of rebirth and we begin to allow our ducks to collect a clutch of eggs to hatch. Yes that means we must forgo our duck egg omelettes for awhile but those fuzzy peeps are just so cute!
Aunt Hattie our Magpie duck hatched 13 ducklings. Some are hers and some are a lazy Indian Runner duck's who snuck her eggs in Aunt Hattie's nest.
The Black Eyed Susans are just beginning to open their black eyes and will soon transform the garden into a picture taking paradise.
The grand kids who must sit still for endless sessions may call it something besides paradise when asked to pose for too long!

Compost is an important part of my flower success and I love the volunteers from tomatoes. Sunflowers are also planted by squirrels and birds. Seems those always grow better than the ones I painstakingly plant!