Saturday, February 26, 2011

Fragrance of Spring

Maybe there IS a cologne by that name, if so surely it cannot bring near the pleasure of being in my garden .
The Lemon tree is center stage of my favorite flower bed and even though they say to plant it in sandy soil MY lemon tree seems quite satisfied with the rich compost that makes up the ground floor and basement of that bed! Covered in lilac and white blossoms the aroma is the reason I took the chance of placing it there.
Two fragrant flowering favorites I plant for the butterflies and bees to enjoy stop me in my tracks! Deep purple Heliotrope and Agastache. I call agastache the Dunkin Donut flower for it is dressed in orange and pink and smells so sweet!
Roses are popping this time of the year in Florida as the cooler weather has made them put on a show, not only in beauty but in their rich teasing smells. Bring in a bouquet and you can enjoy their beauty indoors as well. When you choose roses you will find the OLD Garden Roses easy to grow and richer in fragrances. If you choose others be sure to get them on fortuniana stock (if you live in Florida) or plant them in pots. The Double Knockouts have been blooming off and on again all year and are really easy to care for.
Sweet Allysum does not lie about being sweet. The fragrance brings back memories of my childhood and spooning honey into my mouth and chewing the comb like gum. It comes in white and shades of purples. Definitely a favorite of bees and butterflies it looks great as an edging or spilling from a pot. If you place the pot high enough you will not have to bend quite so far to enjoy its fragrance.
So while you are out doing your spring garden chores, take time to smell the roses and especially the Lemon blossoms!