Saturday, December 10, 2011

Of Hobbies and Hubbies

How many times I have been envied by fellow gardeners because my husband and I share same or shall I say, similar hobbies. Oh it can be a wonderful thing but there are moments when I selfishly long to be the sole decision maker in the garden. Now gardening has been my hobby for as long as I can remember but with hubby, only recently .   I knew there was trouble when it took us one year to decide which grass for the property. We ended up dividing the property so that planted his favorite grass and formal beds in the front yard and I get the ponds and back property to plant with a wilder look.  As time went on I noticed the property lines blurring as he built a hurricane proof garden room in back and I started planting roses in the forgotten front flower beds.
The good part of that is that we BOTH enjoy seeing botanical gardens and attending the Native Plant Societies meetings and Garden classes and tours. The not so good side is that we differ on how we do things. Him overkill, precise and workaholic best describe him. Me,,,,,, creative need I say more?   While I am happy to pot veggies in containers full of rich homegrown compost he decides hydroponics would be better. After watching the CD on how to put the hydro-stackers together  FOUR times and actually visiting hydroponic farms we started the hydroponic garden.  The scientific stuff I left to him while he let me place the seeds.  I then decided to see who's tomatoes and lettuce would grow quicker and better and I KNOW which ones take less work.  The bugs find them all just as tasty no matter how they are grown.
My salad bowl is tucked in amidst blossoms and fairies and gnomes. My tomatoes and peppers and herbs are close to the kitchen with old shutters and fun decor as a backdrop. Together we share our love of nature and animals and plants and the maker of them all. I guess I wouldn't have it any other way

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