Sunday, April 17, 2011

How the Garden Announces Spring, a Garden of Hope

Oh the beauty of SPRING. Many of my northern relatives swear that Florida has no seasons but we FLORIDA gardeners know better! True, there is no snow melting or tulips opening but we know!

Migrating birds and animal mating as well as our weather and plants tell us spring is here.
To me the gardens look happiest when the Black Eyed Susans open their eyes at last! It seems to add just the right color to the cottage garden I have tried so hard to grow. Or shall I call it a Potager Garden since tomato volunteers mingle with my flowers while dill and fennel call to the butterflies.

Being in Florida my garden still has a taste of the tropics
but it is definitely attractive to butterflies and wildlife so it could be either of those. And,
maybe it should be called a Whimsy Garden since blue bottle trees, fairies and gnomes
are hidden about for the grand kids to find.
Whatever anyone calls my garden I love it because I plant what makes
me happy.

Spring is a great time in Florida!

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