Wednesday, April 6, 2011


In Florida we appreciate the beautiful breezes as we get them but often in the middle of the day we could sure use a breeze or two.
When it gets a little too warm I can always count on a quick spin in my golf cart to feel a breeze when it gets too warm. Not to play golf but to get me and my garden buddies around around my few acres. OK so whats that got to do with ants?
It was just such a day that I took the grandkids for a spin. Taking in the garden views and scents of honeysuckle, jasmine and roses I began singing as my hair flew behind me. I was a kid again singing away with my little friends until the four year old grandson brought me back to reality by calling me,,,,Grandma.
"Gwaaandma" He dragged it out to inflict more pain. "Gwaaandma, why are the ants your friend???"
"What!" I said. Again he dragged it out"WHY are the ants your friend? "
Having an ongoing battle with fireants I questioned him further. "Why do you think the ants are my friend?" I asked him. His big blue eyes sparkling he very seriously said " You were singing the ants R my friend is blowing in the wind!"
I had to laugh because yes, so engulfed in the moment I forgot I HAD been singing The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind the answer is blowing in the wind!

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