Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year New Plants???

The year 2011 is here and it seems like a good time to rethink garden plants that really took a hit during the freeze we Floridian gardeners grimaced through.
The first plant Id like to remove is my hubby's fave the Christmas Palms. He loves Christmas Palms and purchased several amazing ones with four trunks each and placed them close to the road to showcase them. None still have four trunks and they had just gotten looking good after last years freeze when along came Jack Frost who wiggled in under the heavy blankets we secured to them.Maybe they will find a spot around back,in a more sheltered area.
Thinking my native plants would be immune from ANY Florida weather that could be dished out (HAHA) I was disappointed to see my firebush and firespike look like additions for the compost heap!
As I am pulling out dead zinnias, a plant I love to seed for the butterflies(and because I love the colors and varieties),I noticed my Black Eyed Susans are getting a start for their spring showing.
My double knock out roses and Old garden roses along with geraniums are laughing at the cold and allowed me to create a gorgeous bouquet to bring my ailing mother. Note to self. ADD more!
The tomatoes that had been staked took a hit next to a row we had not yet had time to stake and those look just fine. The ground had kept them warmer. They were all covered with a sort of tent that my husband made.
The butterfly bed lies along the side of my house in a low lying area near the pond and sheltered by some trees. Since so many Sabal Palm fronds had managed to cover my yard I decided to use them as insulating cover. The result was wonderful! The butterflies were up and nectaring the next day.
Lettuce, onions and radishes covered with a light sheet did great and tasted wonderful.
Since many pots and garden decor had been brought inside due to high winds and freezing temps it was also a great time to move some things around. Just like my interior I like to move my pots and touches of whimsy around on occasion. It adds life to the garden and it is so fun to see the grandchildren discover something they never saw before just because it had been moved.
Many times people will say Oh that's new isn't it? When they just never saw it because in all honesty, there is just too much to look at! I love going to other peoples gardens but know I cannot possibly take it all in so I take many photos. That way I can enjoy them at home and I always see something I did not notice while I was there.

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