Sunday, January 16, 2011

Head Shots in the Garden

Whimsy is quite abundant in my Florida garden and I
discovered the enjoyment I
get from found or handcrafted items peeking out for others to find.
Garage sales are so much fun and in Florida a year round hobby! I discovered a Mayan mask wall pocket made of green plastic for 3 dollars.
It was hideous but with some broken plates and a few jewels and grout I made over that Mayan monstrosity and gave her a lovely air-do!
Some things can be found at
local stores in the scratch and dent section such as this plaster fellow. I patched him with some drywall mud and antiqued him to go over a fireplace insert that announces where my outdoor spigot is! He has held up wonderfully for the past 6 years.
One of my favorite finds was from a yard sale just around the corner from our home. Five unusual heads with a marking I have searched to learn more about but never found a thing.
The owner said her mother had traveled to Germany and brought them home for her insisting she
could certainly find SOMEthing to do with them. The poor girl said she had
absolutely NO idea what to do with
them and gladly sold the entire lot
for ten dollars. One was quite large
and the others varying sizes , each
sporting strange little hats and an
Fortunately I had a plenty of
metal rods left over that use to valiantly hold up my treasured
blue bottles because .
Now I have
relocated my blue bottles to a
Senna tree so I inserted
the metal
rods in the heads and placed
throughout the garden.
They have not stayed in
the same
place as most of my
treasures get
moved about from
time to time.
First they poked out of
cobalt blue pots adorned with roses. Today
they hide among the
Flax lilies that line the
brick chip path of a
flower garden. Their cheery faces lure young and old alike further
down the path so they
cannot help but also
notice the
flowers and butterflies
that make the flower
bed their
A whittled chunk of
wood from a
mountain man's
crafty hands
hangs almost
unnoticed on a
small shelf my
mother gave me against
the North side of the house.
It was from
an estate sale and I imagine
the elderly couple
bought it as a souvenir on a
special trip to the mountains.
The face even has a wooden hat
similar to that of a gnome.
Another Island face wears
a bandanna that brings out
the blue the tiny
blue bottles stuck on
twigs near her.
The pot is full of
cheery succulents for
her hair!
She is surrounded
by jewels
of geodes , crystals
and seashells.
Two cement masks made by filling a Vaseline lined cheap plastic
mask with cement get moved about the gardens quite often
one is in my herb garden and the other lies at the end of a different path near a cement bench.
A place children of all ages love to explore!

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