Wednesday, November 24, 2010

AND the creek don't rise

The ponds look so lush and inviting when they are full and the water and grass meet.
I use to get so nervous when it got extremely low fearful they would dry up and kill the fish so dependent on it. Then it seemed just when I think it cannot get any lower the rains come and the creek and ponds rise to their glory.
One thing that digital garden photos & journaling has helped with is that looking back at the months I can see what was blooming, what looked dead and, how high the ponds and creek were. Checking photos on my computer from last November I see that just like THIS November the pond and creek were extremely low.
I also note that the dombeya plant is covered with pink blooms, asters are coming on, the zinnias are happy, and all the roses are excelling beyond belief. The garden chores are a bit overlooked as the holidays approach and my tasks are turned to getting things ready for an onslaught of visitors. But I know from past pictures of spring that it will be gorgeous again for MOTHERS DAY!