Friday, October 15, 2010

No Bald Cypress Trees !!!

It seems when ever someone visits my gardens and ponds they kindly suggest I plant BALD Cypress trees. After losing many Laurel Oak Trees to Hypoxylon Oak Canker a Forestry friend suggested the best word ever. DIVERSIFY! All the pines had been lost to borers, palm diseases are beginning to show up in the county so I agreed to take his suggestion. Fiddlewood, Willows, Mahoe, Holly, Green Buttonwood, Ssilver Buttonwood, Wax Myrtle, Gumbo Limbo, Maples, well you get the drift. But I really disliked the looks of the bald cypress in winter . They seemed to my eyes to resemble a long forgotten Christmas tree tossed by the side of the road. The only thing missing is some stray tinsel. Still, I was somehow made to feel guilty by well meaning gardening friends.
I promised my husband he would ruin the mower on the cypress knees and that was good enough for him but NOT my native plant buddies.
One day my wire hair fox terrier Daisy escaped. Oh how she loved a good run totally ignoring our pleas and always rolling in whatever dead carcass or rotting manure she could find, then happily returning home encompassed in her fragrant new perfume. This day though, she was in the back yard of a neighbor across the way. For some reason Daisy dog found joy in rolling in all the dropped cypress needles and was not about to stop. I scooped her needle encrusted body up and headed home
Wire hair is no picnic on a good day and I must say I gave up picking them out and finally got out the clippers. It was a difficult job with a nip every so often and it made me ever so glad I did not plant a bald cypress in my yard . Sadly my Daisy is no longer on this earth but she will always be to me,,,the best BAD dog I ever had.
RIP my dear Daisy Dog.