Wednesday, May 26, 2010

A Butterfly in my BEDROOM!

Last night while reading in bed what I thought was a moth kept fluttering at my book. Calling to my husband to please help me catch the harassing moth we both scrambled about the bedroom in our jammies only to discover the culprit. A Gulf Fritillary butterfly! I have a wonderful amount of butterflies due to my gardens full of caterpillar and butterfly friendly plants.But,,,how did one end up in the bedroom?
My wonderful husband carefully cupped his hand around the fluttering winged friend and let him out the door.
It wasn't until I was hanging my husband's freshly pressed shirts in his dimly lit closet that the answer came. Or the closest I would get to an answer. There was what looked to be a twisted wire hanging from the ceiling. I had noticed it a few days ago but figured it to be some shoddy workmanship. I grabbed the camera for the flash and enlargement and lo and behold it was the empty chrysalis. So, my imagination has the fat caterpillar hitching a ride on my husband's hat and making himself at home, literally in the closet.