Sunday, December 19, 2010

Phase two of the pond building

Now that we hired the new pond man we could only hope for the best. I'll never forget as he looked over our property piled high with mangled trees and mounds of sand and other debris. "I am ONLY doing this because you are such nice Christian people" he said. "Normally I do not clean up after another guys mess and try to make something of it!" He also warned us it would not be cheap. But we could live with the mess no longer so it was time to get it complete.
He got right to work hiring other men and bringing in his equipment. He even gave the grandkids a ride on some of the big stuff. I insisted the ponds be natural looking and the creek meandering. It seemed foreign to them that someone would not want a round pond and a straight creek. I actually had to walk the outline so they understood. But he and his crew got busy cleaning up and digging. It was done in a week we could not have been happier. Well yes we would have been MUCH happier if he had been there to do the pond build originally.
We also were getting some heat from our neighbor in back of us. He had been roaming the streets getting neighbors in an uproar over our water possibly flooding the. What really had happened was the neighbor had filled in the drainage easement with 22 dump truckloads of soil and sodded it. Trying to get the county to hand it to him. In actuality filling in that easement caused our property and the next door neighbor's to flood. Another neighbor in back called saying they were heading to the courthouse to see if we had a permit for that pond. I asked them to please come look at my fridge where they would find the permit to the pond , a new well AND the fence. She had been told by the back door neighbor that the pond would cause everyone problems but when I mentioned the 22 truckloads of soil that had been illegally dumped into the
drainage easement she sang a different tune, thanking us for putting up a fence.

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